Enjoy getting dressed again with a closet full of clothes you love! 

[in just 6 weeks] 


If you are a women who:

✓ likes feeling good in her clothes but hates getting dressed

✓ a mama whose style and lifestyle have changed drastically after kids

✓ or a gal who only wears a fraction of the clothes she owns and is looking to elevate her life while gaining confidence in her style

...then you already know that you need to clean out your closet and fill it with clothes that represent you. 

Let's be real.

Letting go of clothes you don't wear is a game changer.  

You've had moments of feeling amazing when you get dressed, so you know it's possible to feel beautiful and confident because you REMEMBER that feeling. You know it's possible! 

You've also seen all of the success stories from people who have mastered their capsule wardrobe, purged their entire house with Marie Kondo, and felt more joy with LESS clutter. You've seen this first hand and you want in.

Girl, I'm here to make it happen!

Here's What You Might Not Know

When you FEEL good in your clothes you walk, talk and act differently. The same is true if you don't feel good in what you're wearing. It can make or break your mood in an instant!

Ability To Focus
Clutter can have a negative impact on your ability to make decisions and can cause unwarranted stress. In a study done by Princeton University, neuroscientists discovered that physical clutter in your surroundings competes for your attention, resulting in an increase in stress. Another study done in UCLA found that mothers stress hormone levels rose significantly when they were handling a plethora of their belongings. Essentially clutter can impair your ability to make decisions and live your freakin life!

Streamlined Mornings
Getting dressed doesn't have to be a chore or a stressful experience each morning. The more enjoyable the process is the quicker and more efficient it is as well. 

Letting Go Of The Past
Our closets are filled with memories and pieces of clothing that represent a different time in our life. Holding on to those items can cause unnecessary stress. 

Knowing Who You Truly Are
Your clothes are a representation of who you are, your lifestyle, and what you love. When that's in alignment there is a sense of self that is unmatched.

Even though the reasons to pursue a cleaned out closet filled with clothes you love are obvious (who doesn't want to feel their best all the time?), the path to doing it successfully is anything but.

A closet full of clothes I actually wear? Sweet.

But, where do I even start?!

You wake up ready to take the day by storm.

You hop on into your closet to get dressed and on the way you trip over a pair of shoes. "Where did those even COME FROM?!"

You then start to think about what you are going to wear. That's where things really start to take a turn for the worse. 

"Hate that, love that but it doesn't fit, literally can't find that, why does that still have tags?"... things are starting to snowball and don't even get me started on the negative self talk that has snuck in. 

You start to say things like "If only my hips were a bit smaller I would look GREAT in that." 

Even with the best intentions, getting ready has become a real source of stress and frustration. 


Here's why most women give up on having a closet they love:

Without a real vision for their own personal style and a clear understanding of what flatters them it can be hard to even know where to start. 

Also, when it comes to clothes they used to love, it can be hard to identify what they are keeping for the wrong reasons causing clutter, confusion, and ultimately overwhelm.

The Top Five Reasons Why You Haven’t Filled Your Closet With Clothes You Wear


It's Filled with Pieces From Your Past 

Your closet can't be filled with clothes you WEAR if it's filled with clothes you don't! Sounds self explanatory but it's so true. Think of your closet, how many items have a story, a memory, or get passed over daily? 

Luckily it doesn't have to stay that way! Actually, just making this realization is the first step to truly making a life changing shift when it. comes to what you keep and what you wear. 

You CAN change your closet from a frustrating place to a paradise. You never have to say "I have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear" ever again.


You Are Waiting For Something To Change 

Maybe you've had kids and are waiting to be a different size. Maybe you are hoping for your finances to change. Maybe you are waiting for a lifestyle change. Ultimately, this waiting doesn't change the fact that you are getting frustrated in your closet NOW. 

Realizing that the waiting isn't getting you anywhere is a good thing. You know what else is a good thing? Loving the body, closet, life that you have right now. 

The time is now. Not 2 sizes smaller, not when you move to the bigger house, not when your job changes. You deserve to feel confident every single day and waiting isn't going to do anything but prolong that amazing feeling.


You Don't Know What To Buy

Ok... so saying shopping "isn't your thing" is an understatement. Shopping can make you annoyed, frustrated and you can think of 10 things you would rather be doing. That frustrating feeling leads you to not want to do it, making your closet filled with things that you don't like.

Guess what? You are in such good hands. I've been known to make even the biggest shopping hater a shopping lover! There are ways to learn how to have an enjoyable shopping experience so it stops holding you back in your style. 

It is possible to have clothes you love that you picked out. Going shopping doesn't have to be miserable and you no longer need to dread having to buy something for an event. 


You Don't Trust Your Instincts 

Somewhere along the line you've decided that being stylish just "isn't your thing". You have been telling yourself that you don't know what you are doing for so long that you truly believe it. But guess what... you are way more stylish than you think.

EVERYONE has their own unique personal style and everyone deserves to feel like their clothes are helping them to show up in the world the way they want. 

It's time for you to start believing in yourself! You can feel stylish and put together. You can feel confident in your ability to put together a look that wows all by yourself. 


Your Organization Is Holding You Back

You could have a plethora of items you love but if they are crumbled on the floor, hidden in a bin that you can't reach, or smooshed among too many other pieces there is no chance you are going to want to wear it.

Sometimes it's not about the clothes as much as it's about how your closet is functioning. The good news is that this can be tweaked and changed until it is working for you!

Having a functioning closet that is well organized will save you time, energy, and brain space for the rest of your day. Once you get to the bottom of what's not working you can truly have a streamlined system that helps you get dressed in a pinch.

Shh...I'm going to let you in on a little secret

Every woman feels this way in her closet at some point or another, but not every woman makes the change to gain confidence and clarity when getting dressed.
That is because not everyone is aware that not having a cleaned out, organized closet filled with clothes you love is actually causing you harm. 
There is a better way to gain that confidence and clarity that you seek that avoids frustration, overwhelm, and repeating the same cycle over and over.  The key is to take the time to clean out your closet strategically and intentionally with the end result in mind. And speaking of the end result, I'd like to chat with you about my secret sauce for making you the most confident version of yourself.

It all starts in your closet...


 "Before I cleaned out my closet I felt like my clothes were a constant reminder of how I "used to be". After having a baby, a lot of things didn't fit or looked awkward, but getting this thing handled by myself felt overwhelming.  So I went through The Confident Closet because I knew, if I didn't, it was never going to get done. The process was so much more fun and empowering than I thought. Instead of feeling terrible every time I tried on something too small, Melanie had a reframe for me.  It was more about keeping what felt amazing, than getting rid of things that didn't fit.I also didn't realize how many random things I was holding onto! My favorite question Melanie kept asking was, "Would you go into a store and buy this today?"


"Melanie helped me sort out my closet, and it was as if I lifted ten layers of heavy weight off my life. I think I released about 50% of my clothes because she helped me to see how much I was holding onto energetically and emotionally, things I haven't worn for 15 years, and no longer fit into. Now my closet only has things that I love and that I currently wear, and it feels amazing! I feel confident in each item because we made sure that I do. One of the best parts is also that I have a ton of new room in my closet and drawers. My take-away from Melanie is to release the old and make space for who I am today. I am going to make a time each season to release the old and make sure each piece in my closet is something I adore."




The ultimate online course to help you purge, organize, and build a wardrobe for confidence and personal style.

I've spent the last 15 years working with women in their closets, on stage, and on their wedding day getting to the bottom of what makes them confident and light up.

I'm Melanie Kluger and I'm not just a personal stylist, I'm a confidence booster, a closet overhauler and an Amazon best selling author.

 After several years getting deep into women’s closets, I developed a way to clean out your closet that I truly believe is life changing.

Melanie has been been featured on Huffington Post, ABC, CW, Flutter Magazine, Verily Magazine, Digital Journal and more.

This process has been a game changer for so many women worldwide and it's growing and growing!


is a process that is broken down into 6 weeks helping you not only clean out your closet of clothes you aren’t wearing, but to really hone in on your style in the most fun, positive, and transformative way.

Even if you've been overwhelmed and frustrated by your clothes in the past I want you to realize that your reality could be so different!

This process is unlike anything else out there due to my unique process of laying down the foundation way before you get into your closet.

We don't cut corners, we slay them on the way to a more stylish and confident YOU!

There is nothing like that feeling of releasing clothes that aren’t you.  You shed the old version of yourself and allow yourself to just BE YOU.


The Confident Closet is the ONLY program of its kind that…

1. Gets to the bottom of WHY you are holding on to clothes you don't wear. The questions asked in this course are rarely discussed and can be the catalyst for a completely different outlook on your closet.

2. Understands that it's so much more than clothes and treats it as such. We dig deep and release the the reasons you haven't been dressing to your full potential. 

3. Breaks down the importance of shopping and actually gives tangible advice on how to love shopping again.

4. Teaches you how to trust your intuition and instincts which does so much more for your confidence in your ability to create killer outfits and make decisions on your own in your closet going forward. 

5. Cracks the organization code and sheds light on how to truly have a closet system that works. 

So if you’re ready to finally clean out your closet while avoiding the worry of not making a dent then you know you are in the right place!

Let's break it down:

Getting Started: 

While the course doesn't begin until Week 1, I wanted to set you up for success (of COURSE!). In the week before the course officially starts you have access to a whole week of never before seen content. 

There are certain steps you can take to truly make sure you are going in to this process with a solid foundation. 

While I'm sure you'll be itching to get into that closet, I'm here to help you make a life long change. That starts with tips on how to make this the most successful experience as possible. 


Tips for Time Management

Ways to Boost Your Confidence in a Pinch

How To Add Pep To Your Step (it's not what you think)

Week 1

The Beauty Basics

Before you can go into your closet, you need to be taking care of yourself in a way that makes you feel amazing. 

Week 1 is where we set the foundation for everything to build on.  

The Beauty Basics are the everyday beauty practices that make you feel like the best version of yourself.  Before you can go into your closet, you need to be taking care of yourself in a way that makes you feel gorgeous.  This is the week where we make sure you are setting yourself up for success.


What Are Your Beauty Basics and Why Aren't You Making Them a Priority?

Makeup Shelf Life

How to Do a Complete Makeup Audit

The Confidence Meter

Four Ways To Prep For The Best Day Ever

Week 2

Personal Style, Fit, and Inspiration

This is the crucial week where we make sure you are confident in your style so you can ask the right questions when you purge and shop.

This week makes sure you are clear on what you want your clothes to say about you, and how to trust your opinions so you can go into Week 3 with confidence and zest! 


How To Trust Your Instinct

My Signature Process for Clear Personal Style

Personal Style Roadmap

The Five Shapes Of The Confident Woman

The Art of Accessorizing 

The Importance of a Well Fitting Bra

Week 3

The Big Purge: 

This week is where we get down to the nitty gritty and finally clean out that closet!

 You'll learn how to let go of clothes you are holding on to for the wrong reasons, as well as how to make cleaning out your closet fun!   

Week 3 is where you make a real change in your closet by not repeating the same patterns you have in the past. We clean out your closet by asking questions that truly get you to say goodbye to the things you don't wear.


A List of Questions As You Purge called "Why Are You Holding On To That?"

Setting The Stage

5 Key Principles To Keep In Mind As You Purge

A Confident Closet Checklist

Week 4

The Things You Forgot About : 

Yep. It wasn't on purpose, but you forgot about that hallway closet, that bin in the garage, and maybe even the top shelf (or were you just avoiding that one?).

 Once you've purged you have two main tasks.

1) To make sure those clothes you said goodbye to actually get donated or sold etc. 

 2) Don't forget to clean out all those places you forgot about!

Week 4 is the week where we make sure we have done a thorough job of cleaning out your closet. You are way too awesome to be leaving things unfinished and forgotten about!


What To Do With The Stuff You Don't Want

What Have You Been Avoiding?

All About Underwear

What To Do With All Those Accessories

Week 5

Organize, Organize, Organize:

It's time to get organized. That way, you have space for all of your new things you are going to replenish your closet with next week!

You'll learn tricks on how to keep your clothes looking crisp in your closet, creative ways to store items that always give you a hassle and product suggestions for organizational ease.  

Week 5 is the week where you become one with the systems that will make getting dressed in the morning a breeze.


Why Isn't Your Closet Working For You?

The Four Core Principles For Killer Organization

The Kickass Way To Categorize Your Clothes

Ways To Make Your Closet Pretty (and Functional)

Key Pointers For Keeping Your Clothes On Point 

Shoe Organization

Week 6

Shopping and Maintaining:

This week not only is about how to shop, but about how to maintain the amazing closet you've just worked so hard to create.

From identifying your old shopping habits to noticing when you should take a shopping break, this week teaches you about how to do it all with ease and focus. This week is the week that will keep you from falling back into the same habits, preventing you from ever going back to your old closet ways! 

Week 6 is the week where you tie all loose ends and end with a closet you are proud of, skills you will never forget, and the ability to enjoy shopping and getting dressed. For real!


What to Bring Shopping

Fabric Cheat Sheet

Warning Signs You Need a Break

When to Splurge and When to Save

Shopping online vs Shopping in a store

Changing Old Habits

Let's Talk About Maintenance 


The Confident Money Back Guarantee

I've gotta be honest, there isn't another program out there that leaves you with a cleaned out closet AND a new found understanding on your own unique, personal style. 

The Confident Closet Course is in a class of its own. Not to mention it has an incredible group of supportive women that are in this with you together. This community is invaluable and imperative to success.

In 14 days you will have had access to this beautiful private group and the first two weeks worth of videos and workbooks before you make your final decision. 

By that point you will be well on your way to setting up the foundation for a confident closet.

If you don't feel motivated and confident in your ability to clean out your closet and complete the course by that time, simply reach out, show us the work you've put in and we'll refund your investment.

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

You'll have access to:

25 informative video lessons

7 thorough and beautifully designed workbooks

access to Personal Stylist Melanie Kluger through the Private Facebook Group

and every tool you need to have the wardrobe, closet, and confidence in your style you crave. - $2000 Value


Private Members Only Community - ($25 per month value) $150 for 6 weeks Value

Weekly Facebook Lives With Personal Stylist Melanie Kluger  - $600 Value

Advice From Incredible Guest Experts - $600 Value

When you add it all up, that’s a value of $3350

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Before saying a big ol "Let's DO this!" You might have some questions... Here is what our most successful students asked before joining The Confident Closet Course:

I'm so happy you asked that! Here's the beauty of The Confident Closet Course. By taking a bit more time now, you will be saving yourself time long term. Every morning that you get ready will be more streamlined.  You'll spend less time shopping and digging through piles of clothes, and more time enjoying your life. 

Yes you are committing to something for the next 7 weeks but what you learn in this course makes everything easier. Also, this course doesn't go away after you complete your last week. You can come back and review the lessons over and over. So if you have a busy moment in your life, you can always pick up wherever you left off, no problem!

Girl, I so get this! I have been working with new mamas, women who have gone through body transitions, and have been through this myself. You are in good hands when it comes to figuring out how to navigate what to keep and what to donate at this specific time! 

We actually talk specifically about this in the course because I'm a firm believer that the clothes in our closet affect us more than we think. You don't want to hold on to those clothes "just in case" and then consistently wish you were wearing them instead of the clothes you CAN wear! I promise that we talk about this at length and there is a specific solution that will work just for you!

I'm so sorry this happened but I'm SO excited for you because you are TOTALLY IN THE RIGHT PLACE. 

The reason people clean out their closet and don't make a dent is because they are asking the wrong questions.

For example, a piece of clothing can "spark joy" and not have been worn in years and years. In The Confident Closet Course I have laid out these questions (yes there are several!) to make sure you are only keeping what you actually wear. 

We also lay a foundation before we get into the closet so you are much clearer about your style and the direction you are headed, making it much easier to make the right decision for yourself!

Such a good question!

Short answer: OH YEA.

Long answer: What makes The Confident Closet Course so unique is that we take every aspect of getting dressed head on. That means we dive deep on accessorizing, what's flattering, how to create a complete outfit, and all style related topics. We also make sure you closet is organized and that you have major shopping skills by the end of this course. It's so much more than a style course! It's a comprehensive change your LIFE course! 

Hold your horses there! 

First of all, you have style, you just haven't gained confidence yet in your ability to put together outfits you love, or been taught how to trust your intuition. These are two topics we cover in depth in The Confident Closet Course. 

Also, while I am a personal stylist I believe EVERYONE should truly know what they love for themselves. A stylist can come in and help you go shopping, but through The Confident Closet process you not only have expert advice from a personal stylist (for a fraction of the price) you also are setting yourself up so that you can create outfits, go shopping, and make decisions about your own wardrobe which is empowering and more helpful in the long run. 

Sure! I'd love to fill you in on all the good stuff we got going on here! 

First of all, once you sign up you will automatically get an email with log in information. That will give you instant access to what I call The Getting Started Week. 

You'll have a workbook and some Welcome Videos to get you started right away! 

After that you'll have access at the beginning of each week to that week's lessons as to make sure we are all going through the process together. 

You'll also have access to the Private FB Group that will hold you accountable, support you, and where you'll have direct access to me.

I'll be doing weekly Q and A's to answer all of your questions that are coming up and then some!


You have 14 Days to decide if The Confident Closet Course is the right fit for you. 

I truly believe in this course and YOU. If you put in the work for the Getting Started Week and Week 1 and are showing up in the Facebook Group, you are more than welcome to email us with your concerns and we'll issue your return. 

I would LOVE to! 

You'll have access to 7 weeks of never before seen lessons, including 25 videos, 7 workbooks, and a beautifully designed site that helps keep you on track.

You get access to the private FB community that will support you, hold you accountable, and lift you up on this journey!

Weekly Q and A's with Melanie Kluger (personal stylist) to help answer any questions and make sure you are getting the most out of The Confident Closet Course! 

The Confident Closet Course is PERFECT for you if…

✓ You are ready to clean out your closet but don't know where to start. 

✓ If you have cleaned out your closet over and over and are ready to ACTUALLY MAKE A TRUE CHANGE.

✓ You truly want to love your clothes and know that if you had some more tools this could be something that brought you joy instead of stress. 

✓ You are already spending loads of time trying to find clothes in a messy, disorganized space filled with clothes that aren't working for you. You know that time spent to rectify this will save you time in the long run. 

✓ You are worried that if you continue down this path your self esteem and confidence will continue to dwindle and you KNOW that you deserve more!

✓ You are READY to have a cleaned out, organized closet filled with clothes that make you jump for joy!

✓ You are ready to put in the work to know your style better, clean out your closet, and organize it for the wardrobe of your DREAMS! 

If you said “yes” to at least 6 of the above, I can’t wait to meet you inside The Confident Closet! 

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